John Maxson

This is a PDF that has a list of the descendants of John Maxson, a Rhode Island Colonist who was killed by Indians in Throg’s Point, New York. If you go through the PDF, we are, as follows,

John Maxson (#3) > Rev. Joseph Maxson (#5) > Capt. John Maxson* (#21) > Silvanus Maxson (#71) > Silvanus Maxson (#253) > Elizabeth Potter (#634) > William Henry Potter (#1333)

*The first white person born in Rhode Island

As is seen, this only goes until Kiera, Gian, Sienna, Tony, Kayla, Nikhil, Luca, and my 4x Great Grandpa, this is because by then, they already had 3,466 people, so doing anymore generations would be impractical, and I could not find any PDF’s that specialized with our specific line!

The first link is more for the descendants, whereas this link has more about John Maxson and the family in it